Jadiel Dowlin named to THR's 'Canada's Rising Stars 2018: 15 Breakouts Making an Impact

Now starring in Nickelodeon's new culture-clash comedy Star Falls, Dowlin had a 2013 breakout role in Amazon's Annedroids that earned him a Daytime Emmy nomination.

Jadiel's interview in The Hollywood Reporter below:

The best thing about being Canadian: How we are a tossed salad! Canada is great because it's made up of communities that foster cultural diversity.

Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds? Got to be Reynolds, because I'm an avid DC/Marvel fanatic, and admire the grueling creative process he underwent to get Deadpool greenlighted.

Actor or director you’d most like to work with: Tyler Perry. Considering how we have both diversified from acting through writing, we'd have a blast collaborating to create and act in a project together.

When I'm not working, I'm: Doing something athletic. I love playing soccer, hiking, paintball, rock climbing and a slew of other fun activities.

The Canadian star Americans should know more about (besides me!):Keanu Reeves. I admire how he picks his roles very carefully; ones which carry interesting stories and characters that have something to say.

The Canadian show Americans are missing out on is: Mary Kills People. It is a thrilling drama series that is not only entertaining, but humanizes the controversial topic of euthanasia.