‘Hiding In Time’ Comic Book Series Being Developed For Television By MGM TV

MGM Television (Fargo, The Handmaid’s Tale) has optioned Hiding In Time, an Image Comics miniseries written by Christopher E. Long and illustrated by Ryan Winn, to develop as a television series. Richard Smith (In Her Name/White Horse Pictures) is attached to pen the adaptation.

Published under the ShadowLine Comics label in 2007, Hiding in Time, is set in the near future, where time travel has been cracked and the Witness Protection Program begins relocating those who turn in State’s Evidence to various times in history. Abraham Smith is one such witness, relocated to the past, living a life that’s not his own, centuries before he’s even born. When a witness within the Program is murdered anachronistically, a conspiracy is revealed and Abraham’s safety is called into question.

Long is set to co-executive produce, along with Ray Miller and David Server of Archetype who will serve as producers. Lloyd Braun of Whalerock Industries executive produces with MGM Television’s Andrew Mittman.

The three-part series had a limited release but was well-received and was optioned by Warner Brothers in 2008 for a feature film.

Smith is repped by Verve, Andrew Wilson at Zero Gravity and attorney Tanya Mallean.