Announcing the Top 25 Emerging Screenwriters of 2017

Welcome to The Script Lab’s first annual list of of the top 25 emerging screenwriters of 2017! We’ve carefully combed the cinematic landscape in search of the best and brightest new screenwriting talent, from festivals and markets, to the latest Hollywood screenwriting competition triumphs. The writers on this list vary greatly. Some are just getting warmed up, while others already have a credit or two to their names. We can’t wait to see what these writers do next.

Alex Greenfield and Ben Powell

Writing duo Alex Greenfield and Ben Powell won ScreenCraft’s 2015 Horror Screenplay Contest for PLAGUE SHIP, which revolves around a honeymoon gone wrong after a deadly disease breaks out on a luxury cruise ship (note to Hollywood: make this movie). Around that time, they also wrote THE SAND, a horror sci-fi romp with serious cult-classic potential. Currently, Greenfield & Powell’s original supernatural thriller, THE VESSEL is in development at Broad Green Pictures (THE INFILTRATOR) with Richard Saperstein’s (SE7EN, THE MIST) Storyscape Entertainment producing.

Production is slated for October 2017. The writers are also working on LULLABY, a horror assignment for Heroes and Villains Entertainment (MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN).

The more you know: Outside of his film work, Alex Greenfield has worked as a writer for the WWE, which doesn’t exactly bode well for the “wrestling is real” crowd.

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