20 Hollywood Literary Management Companies You Must Know About

Figuring out how to get a bona fide literary management company to represent you is complicated, especially if you’re new(ish) to the entertainment industry. Unlike most things, Googling “literary managers” won’t instantly answer your questions. It’s a confusing marketplace, due, in part, to the semi-collapse of the full-time script development job market in LA in recent times. Coupled with the rise of the snakeoil/peripheral manager who’s turned to management as a sort-of last ‘throw of the career dice’, the sheer volume of “managers” out there can be bewildering.

But wait! While you don’t have years of experience with the literary management process, legendary screenwriter John August definitely does. Check out this informative article by the master penman to learn what a literary manager is all about. Of course, if you already have enough reading in your life, you can listen to the podcast version and read its transcript here.

In brief, the difference between a writer’s manager and a writer’s agent is that the former can produce projects but not make deals/do contracts directly, and the latter can do deals but cannot act as a Producer. Most Hollywood writers will have a team of three: an Agent (who does their deals); a Manager (who acts as a counsel/script editor/guide and often produces) and an Attorney (who supports the agent and handles the paperwork of deals).

Think you’re ready to start searching for a manager? Here are twenty great places to start, all based in the epicenter of the entertainment world – Hollywood, CA.

1) Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is one of the biggest names in the literary management business. While they’re primarily known for managing screenwriters, directors, and actors, they also are heavily involved in development, finance, and the sale of projects. In short, they have their hands in everything.

One of ZG’s most recent projects that was picked up is a TV seriesbased on Matthew Goodman’s story of Neli Bly’s race around the world. EXTRACTION, written by ZG’s Max Adams and starring ZG’sKellan Lutz, is also currently in development. ZG have also produced projects that have involved some of the biggest names in the business; Samuel L. Jackson starred in ARENA, whilst Michael Caine and Demi Moore starred in the British heist movie, FLAWLESS.

Want Zero Gravity to manage you? Check out this interview with one of their literary managers, Eric Williams, about the kinds of credentials that writers need in order to be considered.

Stellar Clients —

  • Kevin Costner

  • Skyler Gisondo

  • Kellan Lutz

  • Maggie Grace

  • Lee Norris