2B Pictures enters ‘Dyatlov Pass’

Pic to be directed by Simon Fellows

LONDON — 2B Pictures, the production arm of Blighty’s Future Film Group, is adapting Alan K. Baker’s tome “Dyatlov Pass,” based on the mysterious ski incident, to the big screen.

Pic, which will be directed by “Malice in Wonderland” helmer Simon Fellows, will chronicle the true-life events that took place in February 1959 in Russia’s Ural Mountains, when nine ski hikers mysteriously died.

Andy Briggs (“Ghost Town”) will adapt the script, which chronicles Baker’s interpretation of the event. The hiker’s deaths have inspired much speculation including being linked to paranormal activity or a military cover-up.

The group tore open their tent from the inside and left barefoot in a heavy snowstorm. Though there was no sign of struggle, two victims had fractured skulls, one was missing her tongue and clothing belonging to them contained high levels of radiation.

Stephen Margolis’ Future Film Group will finance the pic, which is skedded to begin lensing in summer 2012 in Eastern Europe.

The deal was brokered by Briggs and Fellows through Barker’s agent, Meg Davis of MBA Literary Agency.

Fellows is repped by Zero Gravity Management, with which Future Film Group collaborates.

Future Film recently made its first foray in to TV — the outfit recently financed and produced cooking program “Annabel’s Kitchen” for ITV.